Best Freeze Dried Backpacking Food

best freeze dried backpacking food

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Best freeze dried backpacking food: When it comes to backpacking and hiking, proper nutrition is crucial to fuel your adventures.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of freeze dried backpacking food and help you find the best options available.

Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or planning your first trip, having lightweight and nutritious meals is essential for a successful and enjoyable experience.

best freeze dried backpacking food

Understanding Freeze Dried Backpacking Food

Freeze drying is a process that removes moisture from food while preserving its nutritional value, taste, and texture.

This method involves freezing the food and then subjecting it to a vacuum, which turns the frozen water into vapor, leaving behind a dehydrated product.

The result is a lightweight and compact meal that retains most of its original nutrients.

Benefits of Freeze Dried Backpacking Food

Freeze dried backpacking food offers several benefits that make it a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts:

  1. Lightweight and Compact: Freeze dried meals are significantly lighter and more compact compared to traditional camping food. This makes them easier to carry in your backpack, saving valuable weight and space.
  2. Long Shelf Life: Freeze dried food has an impressive shelf life, often lasting for years. This makes it ideal for not only backpacking trips but also as a part of emergency preparedness kits or disaster food supplies.
  3. Nutrient Retention: The freeze drying process helps retain most of the original nutrients found in the food. You can enjoy a nutritious meal that provides the energy you need for your outdoor activities.
  4. Easy Preparation: One of the major advantages of freeze dried backpacking food is its simplicity. Most meals only require adding hot water to rehydrate them, making them quick and hassle-free to prepare.

Now that we understand the benefits, let’s dive into the top brands and options available in the market.

best freeze dried backpacking food

Top Backpacking Food Brands and Options

When it comes to freeze dried backpacking food, several brands have established themselves as trusted options. Let’s explore some of the best backpacking food brands and the options they offer:

1. Mountain House Meals

Mountain House is a well-known and highly regarded brand in the backpacking community. They offer an extensive selection of freeze dried meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts.

With options like scrambled eggs with bacon, beef stroganoff, and raspberry crumble, Mountain House provides a variety of flavorful meals to keep you satisfied on the trail.

2. Backpacker’s Pantry

Backpacker’s Pantry is another popular brand known for its high-quality freeze dried meals. They are committed to using wholesome ingredients and offer a wide range of meals, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.

From traditional favorites like chili mac and beef stew to international dishes like pad thai and chana masala, Backpacker’s Pantry has something for everyone.

3. Good To-Go Meals

Good To-Go Meals pride themselves on creating gourmet backpacking food that tastes just as good as homemade. Their meals are made from real ingredients, without the use of artificial additives or preservatives.

With options like herbed mushroom risotto, Thai curry, and Mexican quinoa bowl, Good To-Go Meals provides a delicious and satisfying dining experience even in the wilderness.

4. Peak Refuel Meals

Peak Refuel is a relatively new player in the freeze dried food market but has quickly gained popularity among backpackers.

Known for their high protein content and premium ingredients, Peak Refuel offers a range of hearty meals, including chicken alfredo, beef pasta marinara, and breakfast skillet.

These meals are designed to provide the necessary nutrients and help you recover after a long day on the trail.

5. Packit Gourmet

Packit Gourmet specializes in providing gourmet backpacking food for outdoor adventurers. They offer a variety of meals, snacks, and desserts to satisfy different tastes and dietary preferences.

With options like Texas State Fair chili, Louisiana red beans and rice, and lemon blueberry cheesecake, Packit Gourmet ensures that you don’t have to compromise on flavor during your backpacking trips.

6. Gastro Backpacker Food

Gastro Backpacker Food is a European brand that delivers high-quality meals designed specifically for outdoor activities. They offer a range of freeze dried dinners, soups, and desserts made from premium ingredients.

With options like chicken tikka masala, wild mushroom risotto, and chocolate mousse, Gastro Backpacker Food brings a touch of culinary excellence to your backpacking experience.

Now that we have explored the top backpacking food brands, let’s dive into the factors you should consider when choosing freeze dried backpacking food.

best freeze dried backpacking food

Factors to Consider when Choosing Freeze Dried Backpacking Food

When shopping for freeze-dried backpacking food, there are several factors to keep in mind to ensure you make the right choice for your specific needs. Here are some key considerations:

  1. Nutritional Requirements: Backpacking requires a significant amount of energy, so it’s essential to choose meals that provide an adequate number of calories and a balanced nutritional profile. Look for options that offer a good mix of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats.
  2. Dietary Restrictions: If you have any dietary restrictions or follow a particular eating plan, such as vegetarian or gluten-free, make sure to check the labels and choose meals that align with your dietary needs.
  3. Portion Sizes: Consider the portion sizes offered by different brands. Some meals may be designed for a single serving, while others can accommodate two or more people. Choose meals that suit your individual requirements and group size.
  4. Ease of Preparation: Evaluate the preparation process for each meal. Most freeze dried meals simply require adding hot water, but some may require additional steps or ingredients. Ensure that the meal’s preparation aligns with your cooking setup and convenience preferences.
  5. Taste and Variety: Backpacking meals should not only provide sustenance but also offer enjoyable flavors. Check customer reviews and look for meals with positive feedback on taste. Consider selecting a variety of meals to avoid flavor fatigue during extended trips.

With these factors in mind, you’ll be able to select freeze dried backpacking food that suits your nutritional needs and taste preferences. In the next section, we’ll explore some popular freeze dried meals for various times of the day.

best freeze dried backpacking food

Best Freeze Dried Backpacking Food for Various Meals

A. Breakfast Options

A nutritious and energizing breakfast is essential to fuel your day on the trail. Here are some freeze dried options perfect for a hearty morning meal:

  • Mountain House Granola with Milk and Blueberries: A delicious blend of granola, freeze-dried blueberries, and milk, providing essential nutrients to start your day.
  • Backpacker’s Pantry Huevos Rancheros: A Mexican-inspired breakfast with scrambled eggs, black beans, cheese, and salsa that will satisfy your taste buds.
  • Good To-Go Oatmeal: A hearty and flavorful blend of oats, fruits, and nuts that can be easily prepared by adding hot water.

B. Lunch and Dinner Options

When it’s time to refuel with a satisfying lunch or dinner, these freeze dried meals will hit the spot:

  • Mountain House Beef Stroganoff: Tender beef, mushrooms, and egg noodles in a creamy sauce, offering a comforting and classic meal after a long day of hiking.
  • Backpacker’s Pantry Pad Thai: A popular Thai dish with rice noodles, vegetables, peanuts, and a tangy sauce, delivering an authentic taste in the wilderness.
  • Peak Refuel Chicken Alfredo Pasta: Creamy alfredo pasta combined with chicken and herbs to provide a filling and delicious option for dinner.

C. Snacks and Desserts

To keep your energy levels up throughout the day or indulge in a sweet treat after dinner, consider these freeze dried snacks and desserts:

  • Good To-Go Bibimbap: A Korean-inspired meal with rice, vegetables, and a spicy sauce that offers a flavorful and nutritious snack.
  • Mountain House Apple Crisp: A delightful dessert with freeze-dried apples and a crunchy oat topping, perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.
  • Backpacker’s Pantry Dark Chocolate Cheesecake: Indulge in a rich and creamy cheesecake dessert with a chocolate cookie crust as a decadent treat on the trail.

These are just a few examples of the wide range of freeze dried backpacking meals available. Explore the options offered by different brands to find the ones that suit your personal preferences and dietary needs.

Now, let’s explore some tips for proper storage of freeze dried food and essential gear for your backpacking trips.

best freeze dried backpacking food

Tips for Proper Backpacking Food Storage

Proper storage of freeze-dried backpacking food is crucial to maintain its quality and extend its shelf life. Follow these tips:

  1. Keep it in a cool, dry place: Moisture and humidity can deteriorate the quality of freeze dried food. Store your meals in a cool, dry location to prevent any degradation.
  2. Use airtight containers: After opening a package of freeze dried food, transfer the remaining portion into an airtight container to protect it from moisture and pests.
  3. Avoid exposure to sunlight: Sunlight can speed up the degradation process of freeze dried food. Store it in a dark or opaque container away from direct light.

By following these simple storage tips, you can prolong the shelf life of your freeze dried backpacking food and ensure it remains fresh and ready for your next adventure.

Essential Backpacking Cooking Gear

To prepare your freeze dried meals and enjoy hot food on the trail, it’s essential to have the right backpacking cooking gear. Here are some essential items:

  1. Pocket Rocket Stove: A lightweight and compact stove that runs on isobutane fuel canisters. It offers quick and efficient cooking heat for your meals.
  2. Ultralight Stove: An alternative to pocket rocket stoves, ultralight stoves are small, lightweight, and convenient for backpacking trips.
  3. Portable Water Filter: To ensure a safe and reliable water source, consider investing in a portable water filter that effectively removes impurities and pathogens from natural water sources.
  4. Hydration Packs: Hydration packs are backpacks with built-in water bladders and a drinking hose. They allow convenient access to water while on the move, keeping you hydrated throughout your journey.
  5. Nalgene Bottles: Nalgene bottles are durable and widely trusted for outdoor adventures. They come in various sizes and are perfect for carrying water or other beverages.
  6. Collapsible Water Bottles: Collapsible water bottles are lightweight and space-saving, making them convenient for backpackers who prefer to save on weight and pack size.
  7. Backpacking Cook Set: A compact and lightweight cook set consisting of pots, pans, and lids that nest together for easy storage and transportation.
  8. Spork: A combination spoon and fork utensil, which is lightweight and compact.
  9. Folding Knife: An essential tool for backpacking, a folding knife offers versatility and convenience for various outdoor tasks.
  10. Emergency Fire Starter: A reliable fire starter, such as a waterproof match or a ferro rod, is essential for lighting your stove and creating a campfire when needed.

With these essential items in your backpacking cooking gear, you’ll be equipped to cook and enjoy your freeze dried meals with ease.

best freeze dried backpacking food

Personal Hygiene and Comfort Tips for Backpacking

Maintaining personal hygiene and comfort is important during backpacking trips. Here are some tips and essential items to consider:

  1. Biodegradable Soap: Use biodegradable soap to minimize your impact on the environment when cleaning your cooking utensils and yourself.
  2. Trowel: A lightweight and compact trowel is necessary for proper waste disposal while practicing Leave No Trace principles.
  3. Toilet Paper: Carry a small, compact roll of toilet paper in a waterproof bag for restroom needs.
  4. Dry Shampoo: For multi-day trips, dry shampoo can help keep your hair fresh and clean without the need for water.
  5. Wet Wipes: Wet wipes are useful for quick clean-ups, refreshing yourself, and wiping down surfaces.
  6. Backpacking Pillow: A small inflatable or compressible pillow offers added comfort during your sleep.
  7. Inflatable Sleeping Pad: An inflatable sleeping pad provides insulation from the ground and enhances overall comfort during your night’s rest.
  8. Down Sleeping Bag: A high-quality down sleeping bag offers warmth and efficient insulation while still being lightweight and easy to pack.

Remember to follow Leave No Trace principles, respect nature, and dispose of waste properly to preserve the environment for future generations.

best freeze dried backpacking food

Essential Gear for a Good Night’s Sleep

After a long day of backpacking, a good night’s sleep is essential for recovery and rejuvenation. Here are some essential gear items for a comfortable sleep:

  1. Headlamp: A headlamp is a versatile tool that provides hands-free illumination during nighttime activities and allows you to navigate your surroundings.
  2. Hiking Socks: Invest in high-quality, moisture-wicking hiking socks to keep your feet dry and comfortable, reducing the risk of blisters.

By ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep, you’ll wake up refreshed and ready for another day of adventure on the trails.


Choosing the best freeze dried backpacking food is an important aspect of planning a successful outdoor adventure.

The lightweight and nutritious meals offered by various brands enable you to enjoy delicious food while minimizing weight and maximizing convenience.

Consider your nutritional requirements, dietary restrictions, and personal taste preferences when selecting freeze dried meals.

Additionally, investing in essential cooking gear, personal hygiene items, and comfortable sleeping gear will enhance your overall backpacking experience.

With this comprehensive guide, you now have the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about freeze dried backpacking food and enjoy backpacking trips with tasty, nutritious meals.

So, pack your backpack, lace up your boots, and embark on unforgettable adventures while enjoying the best freeze dried backpacking food the market has to offer!

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